Happy Rent to Own Buyers!

By December 10, 2013Uncategorized

Kristie & Kevin Medeiros

B I would like to share my amazing experience with you guys because the Pre Property Solution did help me and my husbandB B at huge huge time because of our first successful homeowners quickly. We thought we never get a house in the future because our debit was so heavy heavy even though I owe serveral student loans too. We probably could end up to stay in the apt as forever but we got wrong to say this. Come to my point , They settled up foc us to get credit repair service , mortage specialist and etc once when we finally purchase the beautiful house. Our dream come true!!!! They can take care of our budget plan as smoothly. They make us no worry at all.B B Because they support us all the way. They are so wonderfulB B and patience service too!!B B They are easy going to work with disabilities .. We are deaf too. They can be expert to have different communication with us thru email , writing back and forth and videophoneas well . Thank god ! we donbt need to pull our hair yet!B B We highly recommend you to join with their program and you will feel go thru same thing as we do. Right now we are become peaceful at our new beautiful property.