I could not sell my house! Realtors told me I had to lose money…

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My house was on the market for six months with no hits. I ended up taking it off the market feeling as though I would not be able to get my house sold.
Pre Property Solutions contacted me with a different route on getting my house sold but I was up in the air about it. It almost sounded to good to be true.
Before putting it back on the market again I sat down with a different agent hoping they would give me better ideas on how I could sell my house. I was told I would have to walk away from my house and take it as a loss. My only option was a short sale with no profit on my end. I decided to call back Chris and see what he could do for me.
Chris gave me nothing but positive feedback and told me he could get me more then what I was actually looking to sell my house for by allowing him to do a lease/purchase option on it.. Although it all still sounded to good to be true I decided to give it a shot.
In less then two weeks Chris went to his data base for a potential buyer for my house with $17k more then my asking price and assigned the contract back to me!!!
I am very pleased with all the services Chris has offered by buying on lease/purchase and assigning back to me. He has been in contact with me daily to keep me up to date on everything.
I must say if anyone is having a hard time selling their house Pre Property Solutions is the SOLUTION! It has taken the stress of selling my house away entirely.

Cheryl B

Warwick, RI

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Another successful transaction

Another successful transaction