Real Estate Services Offered in New England

Types of Real Estate Services Offered in New England

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The New England area is a wonderful place to live with its thriving business community and attractive surroundings which contribute to a unique way of life. From the ambience of small New England towns, beautiful seashores along the Long Island Sound, to the metropolitan sophistication of its major cities, New England has something to offer everyone. Understanding the types of real estate services offered in New England is your first step to enjoying a new life in one of the best places to live in the entire country.

What Services Do They Offer?

Most major residential real estate companies in New England serve consumers in the Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Maine areas. The companies offer services which include:

  • Residential real estate sales
  • New home and land marketing
  • Short sale and foreclosure
  • Insurance brokerage
  • Mortgage Services
  • Moving services
  • Luxury properties

Services Explained

  1. Residential real estate sales – For buyers, professional agents provide broad knowledge and expertise about the marketplace to streamline the home-buying process without any hassles. For sellers, these companies also provide expert knowledge to help sellers get the best price for their home and help navigate the selling process with the seller’s interest in mind.
  2. New home and land marketing – The real estate market in New England has several new real estate developments in several states. Real estate companies work with developers, landowners, and home builders to handle new home sales and marketing for these new developments.
  3. Short sale and foreclosure – Provides advice for both the buyer and seller. By communicating with lenders, a seller can qualify for a short sale quickly using a real estate service. For buyers, help is given on how to easily identify properties as well as buy short sale properties without any hassle.
  4. Insurance brokerage – Works with reputable insurance companies to help you secure coverage with a customized policy that is unique to your specific needs.
  5. Mortgage Services – Recommends mortgage lenders who can provide competitive rates for purchasing new homes, investment properties, and second homes.
  6. Moving services – Provides information on New England’s local communities to get details on demographics, schools, real estate listings, and more. In addition, other services are provided to help you with relocation if you are coming from a different part of the country.
  7. Luxury properties – Provide services for affluent buyers and sellers to streamline.transactions involving luxury properties. These properties in New England include private homes, historical residences, waterfront estates among others. The services offered are designed to a large array of affluent buyers in the local New England area as well as national and international levels.

Contact the Right Real Estate Service

Once you have a complete understanding of the types of real estate services offered in New England, the next step is to do some research into a few companies that provide the type of service that you are interested in. There is plenty of information online and of course it is always helpful to get recommendations from friends and relatives. By making the right choice when choosing a real estate service, your new life in New England will begin with a great start.