Plymouth, MA

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Pre Property Solutions was there when we needed them. They took over management of our property with a rent to own solution. We live out of state and found a traditional property manager difficult and time consuming. PPS was easy to work with. The office team is wonderful to work with as well. The best thing was the lack of worry about our property. Thank you to everyone on the team.

Stillwater, PA

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Hats off to Chris and his partner Don and the entire Pre Property Solutions team.

I have waited 2 years to write this review to be sure that everything turned out as promised.

I did a lot of research on Pre Property solutions to be sure I was dealing with a reputable company before selling to them.

Everything checked out great and we went ahead and sold our family home to them. They came through with everything as they had promised. I was very pleased with their openness during the process and patience they had with every question that I threw at them.

I am not afraid to recommend Pre Property Solutions as a selling option for your home.

It worked out great for me!

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I was introduced to Pre Property Solutions in 2016 when they had a client who needed to sell a home outright. We stayed in touch on a semi-regular basis. I recently had a client who needed to sell to move on due to to a job transfer, because of their price point and market conditions in their area they could not get the sale price that they were expecting. I contacted Pre Property solutions on their behalf and then put them in touch with each other. Pre Property Solutions was able to find them a Buyer through their Rent To Own program which allowed my client to move on without the added burden of an empty home 1000 miles away. For my part in putting these parties together I was paid a referral fee. This is a win for everyone involved. The sellers move on with their life, the buyers get a home they really wanted but could not otherwise have gotten into and the professionals in the process all got paid. I look at Pre Property Solutions as another specialized tool in my tool belt that most agents do not consider. As a Real Estate agent my job is to help my clients realize their dreams and goal and sometimes a conventional sale, or letting their home expire does not help them do that. I recommend anyone with a challenged sale to contact Nick to see how they can help.

Pawtucket, RI

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When we first met Chris Prefontaine, my wife and I were reaching retirement age and selling a 4-unit rental property in Rhode Island. We were not getting realistic offers. Chris made us a very generous offer, with several different scenarios for the sale. The option we chose provided that my wife and I would hold the entire mortgage and receive a balloon payment in 4 years. Chris would be able to take over the property with no money down, and we would get our asking price.

Chris was excellent to work with and the agreement proceeded very smoothly. He made monthly mortgage payments on time for three years. At that point, Chris informed us that he would consider selling the property early if we could agree on a payoff figure that was a bit less than if we waited full term. We had some debt that we wanted to pay off and we did not want to wait an additional year for our balloon payment, so we accepted the offer. We negotiated a payoff figure and the closing proceeded smoothly.

Looking back at our entire experience with Chris, I remember that if we had any issue during negotiations, he would provide options with the goal of finding a solution that would work for both of us. There is no smoke and mirrors when talking to Chris. He is straightforward and a man of integrity.

It may sound a bit corny, but working with Chris will help renew your faith in fellow man when it comes to business dealings.

Tolland, CT

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I took a year to write this review, solely because I wanted to see how my first year doing this would go. I can tell you that I have had nothing to complain about and, to the contrary, I have been extremely satisfied with how this process has gone. I would recommend Pre Property Solutions to anyone with similar selling issues.

First of all, like most I’m sure, I was skeptical of this process. I did my research, not only on Pre Property Solutions but on the “sandwich lease option” for which this is. I found nothing negative, other than having my equity tied up until the final sale of my property, and nothing negative about Chris and his team… but I still needed to be sure, so I met with Chris and the team personally. I was very impressed with their candor and openness about their business, history, and the process. So, after meeting them, I agreed to the terms and away we went.

Within a couple of weeks, I had my first showing of the house (you, the owner shows the house to the potential lease/purchaser.) I kind of liked that, seeing as I was meeting the people that would be living in my house until the sale was completed. Thankfully, these are the people that accepted the agreement and have been leasing my home for the past year and have NEVER missed a payment. We are hoping that they will be eligible for a conventional mortgage soon, so I will update this once it has been finalized.

I also want to give Chris and his team kudos for their help, even though he didn’t have to, with my mortgage process in purchasing my new home while in the lease agreement with my other home. The mortgage company I was working with were a nightmare to work with and Chris was kind enough to help any chance he could on a mortgage for me that he had no obligation to. His integrity and knowledge were welcome and truly appreciated. In all, I am VERY satisfied with my experience and grateful for meeting Chris and his wonderful team.

Northborough, MA

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I can’t say enough about Chris and his team! They got me out of a situation I saw no way out of.

I was unable to sell a property I owned in the city, and unable to purchase a home to live in. I was throwing money away on rent, and watching the housing market fly by me. I was worried about getting my young twins into a good school district.

Then I met Chris and Preproperty Solutions…they showed me how I could lease purchase out my townhouse in Boston, and at the same time, lease purchase myself a home in the suburbs.

Even organize the timing so that my townhouse closed shortly before we purchased our own house. I had no worries about maintaining my old home and settled into our new home knowing it would soon be ours.

Our townhouse closed in August of last year, and we closed on our own home just last month, and was able to put it all behind me.

I can’t thank Chris and Co. enough for helping through a very difficult time in my life, and I will forever be grateful.

Salem, CT

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We were in the position of owning a second house located 14 hours from our home. We originally intended to keep the house as a retreat for our family. After a period of time it became apparent that we could not do that. We tried listing the house with a realtor below the value that they told us we could get. The house never sold. The only feedback we got was “drop the price” in spite of the fact that listed the house for less than they suggested. As we prepared to consider a new realtor, we were contacted by the team at Pre Property Solutions. They came to the house, toured it, and gave us our asking price. The entire transaction which took approximately 30 days from start to finish was precisely as they they described on our first phone call. The company has been the model for integrity and customer service. They took a very stressful issue and made it painless. We are appreciative of both the professionalism and and personal service. Chris and his family of teammates are first-rate.