Northborough, MA

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I can’t say enough about Chris and his team! They got me out of a situation I saw no way out of.

I was unable to sell a property I owned in the city, and unable to purchase a home to live in. I was throwing money away on rent, and watching the housing market fly by me. I was worried about getting my young twins into a good school district.

Then I met Chris and Preproperty Solutions…they showed me how I could lease purchase out my townhouse in Boston, and at the same time, lease purchase myself a home in the suburbs.

Even organize the timing so that my townhouse closed shortly before we purchased our own house. I had no worries about maintaining my old home and settled into our new home knowing it would soon be ours.

Our townhouse closed in August of last year, and we closed on our own home just last month, and was able to put it all behind me.

I can’t thank Chris and Co. enough for helping through a very difficult time in my life, and I will forever be grateful.

Salem, CT

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We were in the position of owning a second house located 14 hours from our home. We originally intended to keep the house as a retreat for our family. After a period of time it became apparent that we could not do that. We tried listing the house with a realtor below the value that they told us we could get. The house never sold. The only feedback we got was “drop the price” in spite of the fact that listed the house for less than they suggested. As we prepared to consider a new realtor, we were contacted by the team at Pre Property Solutions. They came to the house, toured it, and gave us our asking price. The entire transaction which took approximately 30 days from start to finish was precisely as they they described on our first phone call. The company has been the model for integrity and customer service. They took a very stressful issue and made it painless. We are appreciative of both the professionalism and and personal service. Chris and his family of teammates are first-rate.

Northboro, Ma.

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I fondly refer to Chris as the Olivia Pope of real estate! He’s a fixer! You have a problem? He can fix it.
I came to Chris two years ago looking to lease purchase a home of his. For various reasons, I I also owned a city townhome that I could not sell for 2 years. I went to him having no idea he could assist me with, not only me purchasing a home, but also him and his company buying my town home, and timing both so that the closings happen smoothly.
I closed on my city property 2 days ago, with a good profit!! Now we are able to move forward in purchasing the house we have made our home, for the last 2 years!

I encourage you to, at the very least…have a conversation with Chris. He and his family brainstorm until they achieve a solution that works for everyone, and leaves everyone feeling good about their choices.
That’s no small feat…

Coventry, CT

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I was skeptical of any lease to buy program, but met with the owner Chris Prefontaine, researched Pre Property Solutions and finally signed a Purchase and Sales agreement to sell after our first meeting to sell my home via Owner Financing in June 2017. I had 3 different realtors over 3 years who could not sell my house. Chris’s team was very helpful with the entire process. I’ve recommended Chris to a friend and they are signing on as well. Chris’s family team and attorney handled everything and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Brandford, CT

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I was trying to sell my house on my own with no luck for 2 years now. Chris Prefontaine met with me and explained my options on the house. He laid everything out on paper for me with no hidden fee’s or questions. After reviewing everything I signed up and in 2 months Pre Property Solution’s Team has a contract with a lease ready for me to sign. Signed via email and all is going smoothly. Very easy. They did it all. Very happy, got what I wanted for the hours. Recommend service.


Webster, MA

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To all future clients of Chris, Susan and Nick, I highly recommend this firm. They work fast. I had trouble through a realtor with only 2 showings in 6 months and Chris had lease to own tenants in 2 days and he committed to buying my home. I cannot thank them more. Other companies do not call you back. Pre Property Solutions calls you back the same day. Awesome people.
If anyone wants to contact me have them call.

Thanks you guys