247 Grosvenor

By June 12, 2017

As the Trustee of my Father’s estate, I was entirely responsible for the sale and handling several pieces of property. I hired a Large National Realtor hoping to sell the house and adjoining land quickly. Instead all I got was bills for clearing the house, losing all important documents to the cleaners and six months of bills to maintain utilities , taxes and Insurance as well as paying for services and landscaping. Every Month they lowered the asking price by 10% and only showed the house once After realizing that winter was on my doorstep again, and any sale would leave me with a considerable loss. I fired the National Brokerage Firm, and attempted to sell the property myself, no luck there either. Then I was approached by Pre Property Solutions . A lease purchase contract was discussed by the most courteous and experienced owner of Pre Property Solutions. I signed on to his service, within 90 days, he and his staff had the adjoining properties contracted and leased to a family that was capable of paying the lease purchase amount. As soon as they can obtain a bank mortgag . I will realize my original sale price, be free of the costs, of maintaining the property as well as my own, and be able to devote the gains back into my own home and business, and possibly retire in 2-3 years. The Staff of Pre Property Solutions has gone beyond expectations and has proven to be more than helpful in solving any small problems that came up. I am very satisfied with their service and would recommend them to Family, Friends and Customers without any reservations!