I am a retired school teacher. In the last 25 years I have been involved as a principal in 12 residential real estate transactions, as either a buyer or seller.
In the Fall of 2015, I was contacted by Chris Prefontaine concerning the fact that I had recently removed from the market a residential property located near the coast of Rhode Island that I had been trying to sell through a “regular” local realtor for about a year. Chris explained how his “lease purchase” approach gives a seller access to the approximately 80% of the market that is not accessible through “regular” realtors and “regular” conventional methods. His approach sounded creative, unique, and worth a try.
Chris put two of our homes under contract. In early January Chris finalized on both our properties via his lease/purchase program. This turned out to be a relatively simple, hassle-free transaction.
Chris and his team at Pre Property Solutions handled both transactions with diligence and professionalism. I have been very pleased with the results.