Tolland, CT

By October 29, 2018

I took a year to write this review, solely because I wanted to see how my first year doing this would go. I can tell you that I have had nothing to complain about and, to the contrary, I have been extremely satisfied with how this process has gone. I would recommend Pre Property Solutions to anyone with similar selling issues.

First of all, like most I’m sure, I was skeptical of this process. I did my research, not only on Pre Property Solutions but on the “sandwich lease option” for which this is. I found nothing negative, other than having my equity tied up until the final sale of my property, and nothing negative about Chris and his team… but I still needed to be sure, so I met with Chris and the team personally. I was very impressed with their candor and openness about their business, history, and the process. So, after meeting them, I agreed to the terms and away we went.

Within a couple of weeks, I had my first showing of the house (you, the owner shows the house to the potential lease/purchaser.) I kind of liked that, seeing as I was meeting the people that would be living in my house until the sale was completed. Thankfully, these are the people that accepted the agreement and have been leasing my home for the past year and have NEVER missed a payment. We are hoping that they will be eligible for a conventional mortgage soon, so I will update this once it has been finalized.

I also want to give Chris and his team kudos for their help, even though he didn’t have to, with my mortgage process in purchasing my new home while in the lease agreement with my other home. The mortgage company I was working with were a nightmare to work with and Chris was kind enough to help any chance he could on a mortgage for me that he had no obligation to. His integrity and knowledge were welcome and truly appreciated. In all, I am VERY satisfied with my experience and grateful for meeting Chris and his wonderful team.