They bought one of our homes and we bought theirs!

My husband and I have now worked with Chris of PreProperty Solutions on both sides of the rent to own, as both buyers and sellers. So far, we are so pleased we have been able to move to a house that suits our needs better that they had, while being relieved of the burden of continuing to pay on the house that we left. That is a big relief for us! Realtors could not sell our property.B PreProperty Solutions has made it possible to move in this tough market and for that we are grateful. If you are stuck with a house you no longer wish to own and can’t sell for enough to get out of it, or just can’t sell for another reason, call Chris at PreProperty Solutions as they have many ways they can buy it from you. You might also wish to rent to own with them as well, as we are doing now. The great communication through the whole process will ease your worries and you will be able to move on. We thank Chris for making it possible for us to get into a better situation. It may be a great solution for you as well!

Koree K*ut***

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