Working with the Realtor Community

As a full-time realtor, our #1 job is to educate; Ourselves and our clients. We must look for all solution options for our clients, in order to help them make a decision based on their needs.

As I reviewed my listing & buyer inventory, I understood that several of our customers just did not fit the traditional mold. Their unique situations could not be solved by conventional sales methods.

Once I found Pre Property Solutions and they educated me on their Lease-Option Solutions for buyers and sellers, the dots finally connected… I could now offer my customers ANOTHER option; an alternative solution to assist them in reaching their goal.

Over the past several years, PPS has helped my clients navigate through a drastically challenging real estate market, and avoid potential pit-falls that are often encountered during a conventional real estate sales transaction.

As a realtor, we owe it to our clients to seek out services such as this and do what is best for our clients. Having Pre Property Solutions as an ally, gives me a competitive advantage and makes me feel good knowing I have another tool in my tool-belt to help clients”.B On top of that Chris offers invaluable coaching to help us do it ourselves if we choose.


Mike Dagilis, CEO, Notary